Carl Curran no longer represents the City of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., but the former city council member still is costing the city plenty of money.

Poughkeepsie residents voted Curran out of office in YR-02 following a series of deals between the city and Curran’s brother, Bruce. The city council selected the bids of Bruce Curran, a local developer, over lower bids to develop three retail projects in Poughkeepsie.

While charges of nepotism never stuck to Carl Curran, the obvious conflict of interest was enough for voters to send Carl Curran packing in YR-02. However, it appears Curran’s cronies in city government threw their former colleague a lifeline last year.

Gotcha! has discovered that the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce employed Curran as an “economic development consultant” from October YR-01 through the present.

Curran received an annual salary of $80,362 for his “consulting work,” though it isn’t clear what he did to warrant that sum. A number of sources in Poughkeepsie told Gotcha! that Curran’s work with the Chamber was “minimal at best.”

Curran could not be reached for comment, while Chamber spokeswoman Lisa Burnside declined to comment. But it’s not hard to connect the dots in this scenario.

Curran and city councilman Kevin Lathrop are old buddies, and Lathrop’s wife, Maureen, is a senior vice president at the Chamber. Lathrop voted for Bruce Curran’s bids in the past, and it seems clear the back scratching between Kevin Lathrop and Carl Curran continues in Poughkeepsie.



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