One local judge took it easy on a local meth dealer, and for good reason: that meth dealer is the nephew of the judge’s clerk.

Doddville police arrested Thomas Baker, 19, in September on suspicion of selling methamphetamine following a controlled buy in south Doddville. Following the buy, police searched Baker’s car and found 11 ounces of meth along with scales and plastic baggies. Eleven ounces of meth is worth about $10,000 on the street.

Prosecutors charged Baker with the sale of any amount of an amphetamine type substance by a non-drug dependant person, which carries a maximum punishment of 20 years in prison. Baker pled guilty before Connecticut Superior Court Judge Lee Williams on Oct. 4 and was set for sentencing before Williams on Oct. 18.

Curiously, Judge Williams did not recuse himself. Sources tell Gotcha! that Baker’s aunt Beverly Kellogg clerks for Judge Williams. When asked about this connection, Judge Williams said it would be “inappropriate to comment on a pending case” but assured Gotcha! of his ethical standards and neutrality in “all cases.”

What truly seemed inappropriate was the sentence Judge Williams gave Baker — five years of supervised probation. Sources tell Gotcha! that first-time offenders in that situation typically receive some sort of prison sentence.

But perhaps Baker’s family connections made probation more appropriate.


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