The mayor of Torrington, Conn., appears to have used his city-issued credit card as a personal piggy bank for all kinds of unauthorized purchases.

Faced with continued budget constraints, the Torrington City Council has audited the use of city credit cards as one of many ways to trim the budget in the face of another anticipated shortfall.

Mayor Richard Walton, according to sources familiar with the process, used his credit card for purchases ranging from high-end restaurants to alcohol from area liquor stores. Walton also allegedly used his credit card for clothing purchases at Nordstrom and four-star hotel rooms across the state.

The city council approves credit card expenditures and purports to require itemized receipts for all purchases. However, it appears the city council has rubber stamped Walton’s purchases for the past two years.

A Torrington spokeswoman said city credit cards are only used for “city purposes, conferences, and pre-approved travel” and Torrington would “dutifully investigate” the latest round of allegations which it found “very troubling.”

No word on whether any of this will adversely affect Walton, who has twice won re-election and has two years remaining on his current term. It could all end up business as usual in corrupt Connecticut.



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