The Doddville mayoral race is shining a bright light into Sherry Wood’s past, and it’s not pretty.

Wood announced her candidacy shortly after Ken Mitchell stepped down at the beginning of October. Wood, who is a personal injury attorney in Doddville, has long entertained political ambitions, sources tell Gotcha!.  However, the vetting process might have her second-guessing those ambitions.

Wood went through a messy divorce three years ago, and sources tell Gotcha! that Wood’s infidelity sparked the split. One source went so far as to say that Wood had a sexual relationship with at least one client and possibly another.

Wood strongly denied the charges Tuesday, calling them a “cheap smear campaign,” and noted that the Connecticut Bar never has brought sanctions against her. Gotcha! could not reach Wood’s ex-husband, Colin Hartley, a local real estate developer, for comment.

The latest revelation about Wood comes on the heels of other damaging info. Wood was arrested for drunk driving and pled guilty to misdemeanor driving under the influence in YR-09. Furthermore, the IRS also pursued Wood for tax evasion, though that case apparently settled in YR-07.

The latest polls show City Council Member Zach Epps leading Wood by six points with the special election to fill Mitchell’s remaining term just a couple of weeks away. Despite persistent rumors that City Council Member Laura McGraw and others would run, it looks like a two-horse race.



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