Zach Epps emerged from the chaos to become Doddville’s next mayor.

Epps, who served on the City Council for the past six years, defeated local attorney Sherry Wood in Tuesday’s special election, winning 59 percent of the vote.

In October, a pornography scandal sunk sitting mayor Ken Mitchell, who charged more than $400 to his Doddville-issued credit card to buy access to an array of explicit websites. Then an infidelity scandal submarined Wood, Epp’s main challenger. Wood tried to deny the allegations to the end, but her polls number sagged after Gotcha! broke the story that Wood’s dalliances led to her divorce. A number of sources, who requested anonymity, corroborated Wood’s infidelity.

As the most morally upright candidate left, Epps seemed to win by default. In his acceptance speech, Epps trumpeted a familiar refrain, promising to return transparency and morality to City Hall.

City Hall’s history of corruption and cover-ups, of which Epps at least had a front-row seat as a member of City Council, makes Epps’ promises seem like more rhetoric. I guess we’ll see.

Epps will be sworn in Thursday.


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