The State of Connecticut has terminated its contract with Governor Alan Henninger’s nephew.

Last week, Gotcha! revealed that Nutmeg Auto Parts Supplier, a company owned and run by Governor Henninger’s nephew Thomas Perkins, was nothing more than a shell company. Under Perkins’s scheme, Perkins ordered replacement auto parts for Connecticut’s vehicles from local suppliers. Those local suppliers shipped the parts to the state and then sent a kickback from the suppliers’ profits to Perkins for his troubles.

Essentially, Nutmeg was nothing more than an unnecessary middleman that allowed Perkins to continue with the charade for three years.

The Governor announced last week that his Office was investigating the allegations of corruption, and today Henninger revealed the state terminated its contract with Nutmeg. The Governor adamantly denied having any knowledge of the state’s arrangement with Perkins and said he was “deeply sorry for the appearance of corruption.”

However, multiple sources tell Gotcha! that not only was the governor aware of the contract, he directed state employees to reach an agreement with Nutmeg.

“It’s pretty obvious this happened because of the Governor’s relationship with Perkins,” one source with inside knowledge of the deal said. That source requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the information.

It is unclear at this time if an internal investigation into the Governor’s role in this scandal will take place.


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