The Connecticut Committee on Judicial Ethics released a report Monday stating it found no evidence of wrongdoing with regard to allegations that Appellate Court Judge Robert Bradley’s chambers leaked drafts of opinions.

Judge Bradley has maintained throughout the process that neither he, nor his clerks, leaked drafts of opinions to attorneys involved with the cases. However, anonymous sources maintain that at least one of Judge Bradley’s clerks leaked opinions, giving the lawyers involved a heads up on whether or not they should settle their cases before the final opinions came down.

In complex civil cases, settling a losing case can save the clients millions of dollars in hefty damages, sources tell Gotcha!. Two Hartford attorneys, who requested anonymity for professional reasons, said they had seen cases abruptly settle at the last minute in Judge Bradley’s chambers under circumstances they called “definitely curious.”

However, that testimony apparently was insufficient for the Committee on Judicial Ethics, which concluded it “was satisfied that no impropriety occurred in Judge Bradley’s chambers” and found the allegations regarding the leaking of draft opinions to be “patently false.”

While it appears for the Committee on Judicial Ethics’ investigation is over, Gotcha! will continue to look into this matter.