Four more officers have come forward with accusations that Doddville Police Chief Charles Wilbur directed his department to underreport crime the past two years.

Three weeks ago, Gotcha! revealed a Doddville officer’s assertions that Doddville’s drop in violent crime the past two years was really a smoke-and-mirrors routine. The officer, who spoke on a condition of anonymity, said to keep crime numbers low, officers convince crime victims not to file charges. Other times, the officers underreport the value of stolen goods to avoid larceny charges or downgrade serious felonies to misdemeanors.

Three more Doddville officers — one current and three former — have corroborated those accusations, confirming that Doddville’s five- and three-percent drops in violent crime the past two years resulted from underreporting those crimes.

While Wilbur has vehemently defended his department, these latest accusations have rattled the long-time police chief. Wilbur has declined to speak to the media, hiding behind “No comment.”

However, these accusations have caught the attention of City Councilwoman Laura McGraw, who vowed to investigate the allegations.


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